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People we have worked with:


We have gotten SO MANY things from your place, and brought many of them back when done, thank you so much for this resource. Thank you for starting this business / resource. 


Beatrice is sitting in a wheelchair we got from the Loveland location in that photo. One of your great staff helped me piece that chair together and it works great.


When I first walked into the Loveland location, I had no knowledge of anything medical, we had these needs that I couldn't even identify yet, and your staff helped me feel normal. I didn't know at that time that there was a huge community of people like me raising disabled kids. It was really helpful. You called us when a Sleep Safe bed was brought in. Medicaid would have paid for one, but not a fully electric one! So luxurious and truly what I needed as an "older" mom. Your company has made me feel happy again and again. What you have done is so important.


These are the kindest, most helpful people. I have found supplies I have needed here for clients, a family member and myself. What a gift this place is to the communities it serves. Blessed we are!  --BK 

Thankful for this place! It happens often with all the things we need for Lily, that I am out of supplies unexpectedly, and this place exists for moments such as this and more. They provide medical supplies that haven't been used or gently so, to the general public at a lower cost. So grateful for Heather who started this and has helped so many families!!

-- Sarah

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