About Good Health Will

Good Health Will is a nonprofit health and medical outfitter that accepts donated durable medical equipment and healthcare supplies and provides them to the public at very low cost. We have two locations in Colorado:  Loveland and Greeley.

Good Health Will started in a garage

Good Health Will (formerly Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling) was started in 2006 by the mom of a disabled child out of her garage in Fort Collins, Colorado.  As she looked for affordable healthcare supplies and equipment for her disabled daughter, the mom realized that there was a large amount of stuff being taken to the dump since there were few ways, other than eBay and Craig's List, to connect the materials to the people who might need them.  Thus, Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling (RMMOR) was born.

From 2006 to 2011, RMMOR operated an informal healthcare supplies and medical equipment exchange out of this garage, and was recognized as a state nonprofit.  As the organization overflowed into the house and people stopped by all day long, RMMOR looked for new space and became a federally-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the U.S. tax codes.  


RMMOR opened a warehouse store front in Loveland in January 2011 and in Greeley in July 2013.  Based on experience gained during the first years of operation, and the increasing number of clients, the functional structure slowly changed.  The pricing structure was simplified, paid employees were added, and the name changed to Good Health Will.

Coordination of Nonprofit Activities

Executive Director Joanna Hunter is responsible for implementing policy and guidelines from the Board of Directors and ensuring that day-to-day activities are competed.

Joanna started volunteering at Good Health Will shortly after it was founded, developing its social media presences and assisting at events.  In 2017, Joanna became Executive Director, bringing with her a wealth of management and business experience.

Outside of her work at Good Health Will, Joanna is the proud mom of Ashli and enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors.  She also started and runs Spicy Jamz, attending farmer's markets and fairs on the weekends with her delicious jams.

IRS Certification Letter

Good Health Will... is a 501(c)3 nonprofit