Feedback from our clients

I had never heard of this place, but soooo happy I found it by recommendations from other people! They had exactly what I needed at a fraction of the cost of what it would have cost me new! I needed an ice therapy machine and Sarah took the time to show me how it works and made sure everything worked properly, even taking the time to fill it with water! I am so unbelievably thankful for this store! I will definitely be back and I will be making donations as well! Thank you for helping me! --Amber 

These are the kindest, most helpful people. I have found supplies I have needed here for clients, a family member and myself. What a gift this place is to the communities it serves. Blessed we are!  --BK 

Heather is working for this wonderful thrift store and she helped me with medical devices and supplies. I was blessed to find this place because i could not afford few stuff until i found her.  --Karina 

Wonderful place find medical needs. When I had surgery the items I needed costed about $150-$200 a box (couldn't afford that) and was told to come here. I found what I needed for 80% cheaper. I am so happy that you exist for people like me and others who really need help.  --Elaine 

Es un organización que beneficia a toda la comunidad en General --Rafaela 

This is by a genius idea! As someone who works in the pediatric medical field this place is a GOLD MINE! The staff is amazing and the prices are aimed to assist you in every way possible! This Child Life Specialist will always utilize your stores!   --Sarah 

I'm super excited that you have been so helpful, and I will for sure be in to see you and to the respiratory clinic as well!    --Andi  

Thankful for this place! It happens often with all the things we need for Lily, that I am out of supplies unexpectedly, and this place exists for moments such as this and more. They provide medical supplies that haven't been used or gently so, to the general public at a lower cost. So grateful for Heather who started this and has helped so many families!!  --Sarah 

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