People we have supported

Dear GoodHealthwill, I want to say thank you on behalf of Orange Penguin Foundation for help in getting The Vest airway clearance machine for 9 year old Yan. He has Cystic Fibrosis and his step-mother was desperate in finding this device for him. Thank you!  Love, Karina.

Another thanks from the bottom of the heart from the family of Elisey to GoodHealthwill. Thank you for constant support, thank you for the hope and faith you bringing to the families where no health insurances, no government help and no way to receive such a precious medical equipment. Thank you for all the people who turn their medical equipment and supplies to GoodHealthwill.  All of you are our angels without names but we always remember all of you in our prayers, thank you for giving our children second chance! Love, Karina.

Ethan is the son of Marlana. He is very tall for his age. Insurance told his mother that he would not fit into the size of chair she was requesting for him... so she turned to GoodHealthwill. Now, Ethan has the chair he needs and the whole family is happy. This warms our hearts and shows why we do what we do!

"When insurance says no way he could fit in a size 14 chair because they are made for teenagers..
Yes he is that tall..
Thanks GoodHealthwill"