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Good Health Will Locations

Good Health Will has two Colorado locations in Loveland and Greeley that are open to the public.

Our mission is to provide our community with affordable healthcare equipment, while also helping our planet by recycling!

Is Good Health Will open to the public?

Everyone is encouraged to visit Good Health Will's locations to look for medical equipment and healthcare supplies. There is no application process, no referral, or appointment necessary! We are open Monday through Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm (excluding Holidays and on occasions of adverse weather.)

Do I need a prescription to buy from Good Health Will?

Sleep Apnea machines (i.e., CPAP, BiPap, ASV) are the only items that require a prescription to purchase.

Where does your inventory come from?

Our inventory is donated entirely from the public. 

What should I expect when I come into your stores?


Our sites are more like a warehouse than your local Walgreens or Target. There are a multitude of shelves filled with supplies and rows equipment. Our employees are always happy to help our customers locate what they need. Please be as specific as possible about the type or style of item you are looking for, as sometimes we will have many of variations. 


All items have been donated and are priced at a fraction of their original retail cost.

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.


Loading/Delivery Limitations:


Our insurance does not allow employees/volunteers to load equipment into your vehicle.  Please bring a friend if you anticipate purchasing a large item.


We have a limited ability to provide delivery services, for a modest fee.  


Liability Release

A liability release is attached to each sales receipt.  You will be asked to acknowledge it before taking possession of any item. Click here to download the full Liability Release and Terms of Use/Service.

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