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Fox31 and CW2 news, July 25, 2017                                        Link to video


"Folks may not agree with the state of health care these days, but most would agree that it's costly. Unfortunately most costs incurred are simply out of our control. Except for one and it's called Good Health Will...." 


Greeley Tribune, April 13, 2017                                                                                         Link to article


"We offer a shout-out and genuine "thank you" to ...Good Health Will... who are providing an important resource in our community. Actually, we should say throughout northern Colorado. The concept has been so popular, there now are stores in Greeley (2611 11th St. Road), Brighton and Loveland." 


GoodHealthwill Greeley

Greeley Tribune, April 9, 2017                                                       Link to article


"Often, folks come in because they simply can't afford expensive supplies. It could be because they are uninsured or their insurance won't cover certain things, such as caregiver aids. Before the Affordable Care Act went into effect, folks would come to the store because they'd reached their lifetime limit of insurance coverage and still needed supplies."


Greeley Tribune, March 22, 2017                                                                                      Link to article


"The nonprofit, which also has stores in Loveland and Brighton, operates a "Pay it Forward" fund, through which customers either donate or round up their purchases to the nearest dollar to help people who cannot afford the cost of medical equipment. This past year, the agency collected $5,000 for this fund." 


GoodHealthwill Greeley

Loveland Reporter Herald, March 15, 2017                                      Link to article


"Every day, the nonprofit Good Health Will... offers an array of medical equipment at far less cost than retail prices. But still, some customers just can't afford the specialized equipment they need. The thrift store has a Pay It Forward Fund to cover the costs, no questions asked, in those cases."


Brighton Standard Blade, January 5, 2016                                    Link to article

"Good Health Will..., the only health and medical thrift store in Rocky Mountain region, opened a new location Jan. 4, in Brighton. The nonprofit accepts donated health supplies and medical equipment, allowing the public to have access to low-cost medical supplies."


Denver Post Hub, December 7, 2015                                                                                Link to article 


"Ten years ago we took a chance and started Good Health Will..., a 501(c)3 nonprofit thrift store that accepts donated healthcare supplies and medical equipment, and provides them to the public at very low (or no) cost.  Over 100 people a day come into our Loveland and Greeley locations now, six days a week, to find everything from incontinence, diabetic, and first aid supplies, to durable equipment like crutches, braces, adjustable beds, bath seats, and wheelchairs."                                                                

Loveland Reporter Herald, February 28, 2014                                   Link to article


"Hawks is the first customer to come to Good Health Will... to get health care supplies, paid for through a $15,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.The Community Foundation, which issued the grant in January, is providing medical equipment and health care supplies to Larimer County residents affected by the Front Range flood."                                                                

Fort Collins Coloradoan, January 31, 2014                                                                          Link to article 


"The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has distributed all of the $1.83 million it collected in flood recovery donations to area nonprofits and governments. Checks from the donations — which included a $750,000 match from the Bohemian Foundation — are being prepared for mailing from the three funds created to address Larimer County’s intermediate and long-term flood recovery needs."                                                                

Channel 7 news, February 8, 2013                                           Link to article

"Imagine paying a fraction for a walker, wheelchair, or medical device you need for you or your loved one. You can through the Good Health Will... project and this week's 7Everyday Hero is the driving force behind it."


Fort Collins Coloradoan, June 3, 2012                                           

"Thirty bright yellow pieces of paper are taped up all over the Good Health Will... warehouse in Loveland. They serve as waiting lists for the health care equipment and supplies stacked on shelves and racks in the 4,000-square-foot building. "It looks like we have a ton back there and we do, but there's an incredible need."                                                               

Loveland Herald Reporter, March 16, 2012                                     Link to article

"Good Health Will... provides free and low-cost medical equipment and disposable health care supplies to those in need and to those who want to help the environment and reuse. The equipment and supplies are set up like a thrift store in two separated rooms with supplies on shelves in one room and the equipment in the back."                                                               

Medical Center of the Rockies, April 13, 2011                                                                      Link to article 


"The Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies Foundations awarded the following grants through the Community Grants Program in first quarter 2011: Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting and Recycling – $7,500 for general operating support. Through the Community Grants Program, the PVH and MCR Foundations support community-based efforts that enhance the health and well being of people in Northern Colorado."


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