GoodHealthwill    (Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling) 

If you are in need of medical equipment or health supplies, or have equipment and supplies to donate, please contact us

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GoodHealthwill (formerly Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Loveland and Greeley, Colorado.  Our purpose is to accept donations of durable medical equipment and disposable health care supplies, and provide them to people of all ages in Colorado and Wyoming.  We provide guidance in acquiring equipment or supplies.

We strive to be bare-bones and reduce healthcare costs - both for individuals and society.  At some point, everyone has a need for a piece of equipment or some supplies, and everyone has something sitting around that would be valuable to a person in need. 

Everyone is welcome to visit our GoodHealthwill warehouse!  
There is no application process.  No referral or appointment is necessary. Pay it Forward funds (amount varies) and City of Loveland grants (for qualifying residents) are available for those in need. 

We accept credit cards.

Maps:    Map to Loveland store.    Map to Greeley store.    Map to Brighton store.

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